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Sale proceeds from each book will support a different non-profit organization that is listed in each book.

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A NEW" series of self-help books for women are quickly gaining popularity.

 The "Girl Behind the Fence" series will help you combat the emotional quicksand, with the first half of the series focusing on different negative emotions and the second half of the series focusing on other positive emotions.    

The GBF Series will help women who are notoriously hard on themselves and all too easily feel alone in their undesirable, unwanted, and uncomfortable feelings. Women have compared themselves to other women since the beginning of time, yet, on the other side of that, self-criticism is an overwhelming need to connect and bond with other women.


In this series of books, you will read 

real stories written for women                                        

just like you. As if you are peeking

into their diaries. You will hear                                         

 from women around the world

who have embraced their vulnerable 

side and have learned some challenging and uncomfortable lessons. The women writers who contribute their stories to this series will meet you where you are right now. Through their stories of Vulnerability and painful emotions, you will also share their victory. As you read their story, you will learn powerful tips, tricks, and tools that have worked for them and may work for you.








You have the option to reach out to any of the authors within this series of books, and they will 

personally respond to you. Each book will contain a way for you to contact any of the authors for

continued inspiration on your journey to happiness. YES…Finally…real stories by real women…








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Girl Behind the Fence Series

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