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Occupational Personality Guidance 
Hiring the WRITE Applicant

  • It happened so fast I can't believe they are dead!

  • They embezzled over $75,000. I trusted them; they were on the honor system!

  • But the drug test came back clean!

  • I didn't know they had so much anger toward their past employer that it would spill over onto us!

  • They deceived us in the interview; everything came back clean they were perfect;

  • We lost our company because of the deceptive interview.

  • Their personality test never revealed violence.




employee shooting.png

Are you one of the H.R. professionals not readily utilizing one of the most impressive tests available? A precise science that reveals so much about an individual without having any interactions. A science that does not include utilizing various screening tools to recover information from the applicant. 


H.R. personnel, you already know upfront that most applicants have "rehearsed" the interview sessions repeatedly. There are no two companies or two hiring managers asking the same questions. The answers provided by the candidates are scripted and rehearsed to sound acceptable to the interviewer.

Without any interaction with the individual, the science behind Handwriting Analysis allows the analyst to verify the information requested by the employer about the job applicant to a considerable extent. The handwriting screening is 100% bias-free because it cannot reveal age, gender, race, culture, religion, or anything identifying about the applicant. Handwriting Analysis is unbiased; therefore, it does NOT violate any EEOC rules. It's been unheard of any lawsuit over handwriting analysis concerning hiring discrimination due to the analyst not asking any applicant questions. We only look at the personality to establish if the individual can perform the job effectively and efficiently. The best part is, the analyst will not receive or need any identifying information (i.e., name, address, gender, SSN.) It is 100% anonymous, and therefore the applicant does not have to be informed or give permission for the screening. Handwriting is considered public knowledge, just like body language and facial expressions.

                            Can you be 100% sure...

                If a background check comes back clean 

                they do not have a criminal mind?


Consider joining over 5,000 major U.S. corporations already using a Handwriting Analyst for employment purposes. You will be amazed at the positive results and how much you will benefit on your P&L from this scientific assessment for your hiring needs. 

I can keep going, but I am sure you get the idea of how difficult it is to find the right employee for the position you would like to have filled.


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Memphis mail facility, officials say.

Dugan, P. (2022, June 29). Family acquaintance shot Va. Website creator as he slept, police say.

Family acquaintance shot Va. Website creator as he slept, police say.  

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