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Kimberly thank you so much for your snapshot profile.  It is extremely detailed for the short sample I sent.  You have certainly hit the nail on the head, confirming our thoughts.  I am going to put my thoughts and prayers into what you have told me and what or how to proceed.  I am amazed at your gift to "read" a person's handwriting and the "fix" them.  I have never heard of this type of ministry until you.  I appreciate your time in doing this for me.  

May God bless and keep you and prosper you in whatever way you need in the coming weeks & the new year.  

Have a very Merry Christmas.   MA 


Kimberly thank you for your many acts of kindness.  I knew that you were a kindred spirit when I read your profile and saw your picture.  I am sure that the other therapists are wonderful, but you were the one that I felt a connection with. I have truly enjoyed my six months with you and good things are finally starting to happen in my life. NGT has made a huge difference in my emotional status. I don't think that I will ever have to resort to taking anti-depressants again thanks to the tools that you taught me with NGT.  thank you for everything that you have done to help me on my journey.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with you and I will always have fond memories of my NGT journey.  muchas gracias and my god bless you with all the best that life has to offer.   LB


My beautiful, personalized journal arrived today. What a wonderful way to celebrate this milestone of my NGT journey!  You have touched my soul and uplifted my state of mind more than you will ever know. I have more self-confidence and love and the major issues that were overwhelming me a few months ago are steadily being resolved.  You have definitely reached your goal as my therapist.  I am sad that our therapist-client relationship has ended but rest assured I will always count you as a friend that was there for me when I needed you the most. thank you and may you continue to touch the soul of all those that reach out to you for help.  May God bless you in every area of your life.    BLC

Kimberly, you are the best person God has given me the opportunity to meet.  Thanks for being there when we most needed you!    DR, mother of a suicidal daughter


 Thank you, Kimberly, I truly believe my son would not be here if you had not seen the suicide and abuse in his handwriting. I had no idea changing your handwriting could change your life.  You made a believer out of me.  Thank you for giving my son back!!     HC, teacher


Kimberly, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, I can already see the changes in my choices and I feel better about myself and look forward to changes in my future.  I also can't believe the impact you had on my flying tests especially my check ride.  It was wonderful-I was calm, organized and flew from take-off to landing with one engine out like an absolute pro.  thanks!   JM, SWA Pilot



At first, I was a bit intrigued when I heard what Kimberly was able to do.  I wondered how it worked and if it could benefit me.  At that moment I was willing to try anything and everything.  I had felt that I had hit bottom, I had no idea what kind of person I was.  I felt so lost, so confused, very unimportant.  Meeting Kimberly and having Kimberly help me was what I needed.  I went in to try and fix a relationship that was broken, what I didn't realize was that I was the one who was broken.  I needed to fix myself.

Many people-coworkers, friends, family, and my significant other noticed the dramatic change.  I felt whole again!  I have a new attitude and a new outlook on life.  I was tired of being someone everyone wanted me to be.  

Thank you, Kimberly, for helping me--I really don't know where I would be and what I would have done without your help.     CV, Teacher & Coach

Kimberly was the best decision I could have made. I am back on my workout routine and I feel happy, healthy, and most importantly at peace finally!  The tug-of-war in my head has ended and I feel great!     JW, Singer & Trainer

I was a "Doubting Thomas" and being a pretty controlling personality made me more skeptical.  But now I feel secure and happy about it and the best part is I really feel I am in control of my life, future, and health!  Thanks!    CJG, ER Physician 

When I brought a note to Kimberly my 12-year-old daughter had written I wanted to know if she was serious about wanting to kill herself. Unfortunately, she was, and I didn't understand why. I immediately brought her to Kimberly and she had her write a word over and over for a short time to rid her of her bad thoughts.   She was not talking, it was not until Kimberly had her draw some pictures that the real reason was discovered.  She had been sexually molested several times between the ages of 5-7.  I was devastated I never had a clue. She confirmed what Kimberly saw in the pictures.  Kimberly immediately went to work on changing her handwriting.

That was over two years ago, and I believe my daughter is here, healthy and beautiful only because of Kimberly and NGT!      DR,

I am really feeling great.  I am not stressed out about things that I used to be. I have come to peace with it and it doesn't throw me into a nervous frenzy like it used to.  I am feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin every day.  I am at peace and realize that I can't force things to happen, just do my best and do what makes me happy.  I started a new relationship that is actually healthy!  He dotes on me and actually does what he says he is going to do.  It’s amazing!!  He is so not my type, but he makes me laugh and I am really enjoying every minute of it.

I am feeling more relaxed with the kids, still having problems with my oldest, but I am sticking to my boundaries. I am feeling more emotionally healthy than I ever have.  

NGT  is awesome!!  I am happier than I have been in about 4 years!  Thank you! :) :)

victim of multiple rapes

The truth is...

It really doesn't matter "who" you used to be

It's all about "whom you've become"


I have already seen positive results; my stress level has significantly decreased!    NW



When marital problems arose, and stress set in, my weight began to rise as well! I visited my family doctor and received antidepressants along with a diagnosis of Post-Menopausal Syndrome!  I also visited twice monthly a marriage counselor, but I continued having trouble sleeping and sleep aids to "feel and sleep better" was foreign to me.  Kimberly counseled me, and I began to notice something more than just weight loss... I had a spring in my step. I was sleeping well EVERY night, and I had a better outlook on MY life.  Kimberly not only helped me to relax--she helped me get back in touch with a positive self-image.  Not only did she spend time really "listening" to my issues but she gave real-life suggestions on how to improve myself.  Her caring manner and gentle nature have been very positive influences in my life.  Thank you!!!      GP, Realtor 



Kimberly is amazing.... my self-confidence is back and I'm feeling and looking great.  The best results EVER!     JM, HR Consultant 

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me!!      LF, Attorney



The confidence of a new life was born with Seed of Wellness Center.  I began sleeping more soundly and peacefully and thinking more positively about myself! I look forward to the rest of my life as a healthier, less stressed, and happier person.  It’s a fantastic feeling to know that you control how terrific you look and feel... it's all in your handwriting!       GB, Teacher


I've always been heavy-set, but depression and medicines prescribed to treat it had caused me to shoot up over 200 pounds. Since seeing Kimberly, I not only saw changes in my weight but also in my attitude.  My depression is also at bay!  This was the BEST 16th birthday present my parents could have gotten me!       RNL, Student

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