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A few indicators NGT may be for you...


Have you been in therapy but stopped because it did not work?”  After the therapy appointment, you may have come home sadder, angrier, or more emotional.  Have you noticed how high the divorce rate is and the number of couples, parents, children, and other types of relationships that are being severed for various reasons?  You may have felt “stuck “not being able to claim any sort of improvement or success for the many years spent in traditional therapy programs. 


Have you buried your emotions, something still remaining alive? Do you know that suppressing emotional pain doesn’t simply disappear?  Thoughts are real incidents with substance, and as such, they need to be controlled before they turn into lingering physical pain.


It’s been years, and you are still holding onto repressed and

hidden negative emotions that you may be unaware of?   

Have you become an expert at not noticing what you suffer?  

Do you perceive time getting closer when those buried emotions

will suddenly come pouring out at the most inopportune time? 

Beware… buried emotions are not controlled or thoughtful emotions!  


You have been consciously suppressing your impulses, emotional thoughts,

and feelings from your mind that have become seductive to you.  It may seem

like a quick and easy way out but don’t fool yourself.  All thoughts and feelings

eventually come out and express themselves in different attitudes along the way.  This is especially true for children; they are experts at suppressing emotions and covering up things they cannot explain.  When stress goes on too long, it may become only a matter of time before those suppressed feelings find an outlet and the child either explodes or implodes or, worse yet, becomes suicidal.  


How and what you think affects your emotional and physical state.  The mind and body are integrally connected. When your thoughts go wrong, your emotions rule and your emotional perceptions become unreliable because they can misinterpret the truth, mixing truth and fact.


Letter shape changes formed through the NGT program with the act of simply writing down or journaling your thoughts and emotions have been shown to increase the blood and peptide flow and help detox the negative thought process. 


Something powerful happens when you put pen to paper with NGT!







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