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What is Neuro-Grapho-Therapeutics?


Neuro-Grapho-Therapeutics (NGT) is an evidence-based program combining the science of handwriting analysis with the act of handwriting to reprogram the brain's neurological connections which, in turn, adjusts one's personality. 


Language (including your thoughts) is the number one (1) act that uses the most brain activity. The number two (2) is the act of handwriting. So, NGT uses the natural kinesthetics of handwriting to help one obtain increased self-esteem, emotional balance, articulated verbal communication, clearer thinking, improved grades, and more while combating concerns including drug use, anger, guilt, resentment, shame, grief, anxiety, violent and suicidal tendencies, plus much more.


NGT  is a non-invasive, interactive process to integrate subconscious change.  While it may appear simple in theory, it is compelling in the application.  Many people have a difficult time understanding the "how" of the program because not needing to discuss past experiences.  Nearly exclusively, we advise against it.  There is not even a need for office visits.  However, do not let these facts take away from the power of this program. 


NGT, formerly Clinical Graphology, was founded in 1987 by Mozelle Martin and has been “internationally recognized” for over 31 years.  Our no talking about the past, no medications, and a no office visits approach give you the opportunity to live life without chains of the past as you “write” your new beginning.


However, while many would consider NGT "non-traditional," NGT is "traditional." Instead, the "traditional" methods of the American Medical Association (AMA) and American Psychological Association (APA) you are thinking of (talk therapy, diagnosis, psych meds) are the non-traditional models.


Here’s Why


You notice, most of the AMA and APA programs work from the conscious to the subconscious. These programs are mainly why most of today's AMA and APA mental health programs are unsuccessful. You see, to them, it is a business where "big pharma" has influence and is a key player.

Ethical mental health and medical professionals know that the conscious mind only has 5% control over our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. That is why the NGT program is so successful because it works from the subconscious to the conscious because the subconscious mind has 95% of the control

Because of NGT's subconscious-based approach and process, unpleasant events in one's past cannot change, but they can continue to revictimize you. So instead, NGT focuses on your future.

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