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Pointing out that which is factual for you to have the

    Understanding, Intuition, Wisdom,          

                         and Perception that becomes                             


making it possible for one to act…


Can there be straightforward answers to what actions are required to prevent

 violent behaviors, school shootings, bullying, depression, or suicide?  

Many ideas bounce around state departments, schools, homes, and businesses. Are the Parents, Teachers, and Business Owners ready to become armed marshals to protect the life that may be at risk? Parents, students, and the state are in a tug of war on what type of safety measures are lacking in schools deriving from mental issues and attitudes of our young society. So, what has gone wrong with this generation that has not been an issue in past generations? Have we closed our eyes to the clues and started believing in lies? The absolute truth would require an unprepared change. Could it be as simple as beginning with a firm foundation?

Building the foundation of a child from an architectural viewpoint

Children become the architects of their lives, designing their destinies one day at a time and beginning with a firm foundation, which starts in the home. When children start school, the building begins as they design their world with the help of teachers, counselors, friends, and family members. When children become pre-teens, tweaking their designs is not unusual, but a foundation check should make sure all is still solid. Upon review, visualizing cracks in the mental and physical structure may be apparent but may or may not warrant a concerned report at this time.

The teenage years arrive; the architect design comes to a halt attributable to entitlement derailment, causing a talk to the hand attitude with hard of hearing issues. The delay in their architectural design has become weathered with mental and physical changes that have not become visible on the outside. The previous unreported concerns continue to be overlooked and have lingered well hidden in the structure. Camouflaged with unspoken words harboring anxiety and empathy is nonexistent in the current design.

The crumbling begins gradually at first, with subtle signs that go unnoticed. Everyone feels as if the continually overlooked concerns are insignificant at the time—an unleveling foundation with hidden cracks from the outside, becoming structural damage on the inside. Positive thoughts are deteriorating in their minds.

The architectural design begins crumbling slowly from the "one thing" no one thought was any cause for concern. Deteriorating in silence becomes serious for the designer. Reaching out by leaving indirect clues on the Internet, written notes to friends, and negative attitudes towards parents and teachers. Their mental space becomes invaded by bullies, breakups, teasing, anger texting received on the phone or Internet, physical and sexual abuse. Without a resolution, uncontrolled thoughts widen the cracks. Still, without visible hints, a wearisome outside structure struggles urgently to protect the inside from being hit by a rampant mind-bending storm. The pain has become severe, and the designer grapples with figuring out how to cope with a collapsing foundation. Unaware and unable to receive the help vital to keep the foundation and structure solid, yielding seems their only option.

They close their eyes, trying one more time to quiet the mental activity and keep the mind-bending storm at bay. They try one more time, trusting someone will see the Handwriting on the walls and save the architectural design from descending to the ground and taking all in its path.

Why did we not see the structural flaws?

Parents, teachers, family members, and friends; did you bother or take time throughout the years while the architectural design was maturing to check the inside of the foundation and walls? Would you have understood the hidden clues? Could you have kept the structure from crumbling down and destroying everything inside?

Their Handwriting can reveal the delicate yet loud cry of silence. 

Our focus on identifying all the signs has put us all at a disadvantage in this technological world. Unless the teenagers choose to type or text a detailed blueprint with instructions on changes to their architectural design even then? Would there be a follow-through for someone to check for structural flaws to prevent devising any disastrous, destructive repairs or clean-up in the future? Would it be talked about with the proper individual that would know how to begin the repair work to stop the damage about to occur? 

The solution we are seeking could be as simple

as one hour a day of 

cursive Handwriting 

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