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GBF Anger

It may be surprising to know 70% of human behavior is based on emotions, not logic. Feelings that may be waiting to implode like a ticking time bomb at any given moment.  A wave of anger that so many women share keeping well-hidden behind a smile or the busyness of life.  This anger may stem from our children and spouse to our parents, siblings, co-workers, and even strangers. Inside this book are the stories of 18 women who, just like you, have felt consumed by anger. Contrary to popular belief, anger is neither good nor bad; it may save or destroy you, but what "will" matter most is your reaction.  

The personal insights, tips, and tools in this book can help you put the brakes on your anger when you need it most.  Inside this book, each author has provided their contact information for continued support and guidance to help you through your journey.







GBF Loneliness

As of 2017, approximately 42.6 million adults over age 45 struggle with feelings of chronic loneliness. Twenty-five percent of the population lives alone, and over 50% of the population is unmarried. Results from a recent study of 300,000 participants prove that individuals with weak or non-existent social connections increase their risk of early death by up to 50%. That is why this book exists. Inside this book are the stories of 22 women from around the world who, just like you, have struggled with loneliness. Their personal insights will provide you with hope and inspiration; the tools they used to guide themselves out of the emotional quicksand may be the life jacket you've been searching for. Whether down the street or across the world, you are indeed never alone because also inside of this book is how you can reach out to each author individually for continued support.


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