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About Kimberly

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Kimberly is the founder and CEO of  Inner Write Healing  She is an Internationally Licensed Forensic Handwriting Expert, Published Author, Keynote Speaker, and a weekly

Co-host on KCTU TV Mouthy B.R.O.A.D.S, an interactive live talk show.     

Kimberly has over thirty years of experience as a Transformational Mindset Coach, Forensic Handwriting Expert, Practitioner, and training Instructor, making her a leading authority on handwriting analysis. She possesses the knowledge and expertise to change an individual's handwriting to reprogram the brain's neurological connections and adjust one's personality, putting her in a unique position to assist others. 

Kimberly works with teachers, counselors, state agencies, care providers through mental health organizations, and members of law enforcement. She is helping to educate them on recognizing handwriting trait indicators that are detrimental in detecting aggressive or violent behaviors, anxiety, narcissism, abuse, drugs, theft, suicidal tendencies, and much more.

Kimberly also consults and teaches different class topics requested by schools and businesses to share her Mind Write Therapeutics program, which explores the science behind cursive handwriting and its impact on every student's and employee’s personality and mindset. Kimberly believes that schools should require cursive handwriting in the curriculum because specific individual characteristics manifest in the writer through handwriting development.


Therapeutic Forums and Women's Empowerment Group sessions are also part of Kimberly's services. These group sessions provide guidance and help with concerns by analyzing their handwriting and creating graphological exercise changes that will render the strength to move past mental barriers to rise to their highest potential as an individual and increase their productivity in the workplace. These proven methods helped many turn their careers and lives around by showing the physical process of handwriting, revealing the subconscious mind as it connects with the art and science of healing. 


Kimberly can show your workplace the science behind the emotions that impact your handwriting.  With deliberate and straightforward changes, your team, employees, students, and children can rise to their highest potential in any area of their lives, whether at home or in business. 







Kimberly is skilled as a;

Licensed Neuro-Grapho-Therapeutics Practitioner

Internationally Licensed Forensic Handwriting Therapist

Certified Forensic Handwriting Analyst

Survivor Advocate for Domestic Abuse Victims

Certified Hypnotherapist

Emotional Freedom Techniques-Adv

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Published Author  

Former President of Mexico "Vicente Fox" book forward

Keynote Speaker

Kimberly sits on the Advisory Board for the

Child Advocacy Center

at Horizons Mental Health Center



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