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Mind Write Therapeutics where handwriting reveals the
sub-conscious mind & connects with the
art & science of healing

There is a 900% increase in diagnosable mental health problems and an increase in suicides in 18-year-olds and younger happening in elementary, high school, and college students. Have we been wasting too much time gazing at giants encompassing suicide, bullying, violence, and abuse, wondering how to win the battle from within? Are we allowing violence and suicide to become the enemy of our children without resolutions? It is time to move ahead now and declare victory with Mind Write Therapeutics.
With Mind Write Therapeutics, you look further than the eyes can see. It is finding the answers from within the individual to prevent the actions that lead to suicide and violence that continue to go unnoticed.


Benefits of  Mind Write Therapeutics


  • Reduce self-judgment and self-blame

  • How to deal with problematic emotions; jealousy, anger, sadness, depression, pain, thoughts of suicide, cutting, self-medicating, compulsive behaviors, fears, survivor’s guilt.

  • Develop empathy and respect for themselves and others

  • Raise self-esteem and self-confidence levels to prepare for the future


Children can dress up and beautify the outside all they want.  Still, their minds may become overcrowded, making it challenging to reshuffle their thoughts.   The doorways become blocked; they become a hoarder of damaging useless junk!  Cursive Handwriting opens the path, clearing the entryway to pitch the negative clutter.  


Without Handwriting to tell the actual story, are you prepared to handle 

the sudden unseen silent cry from within?


The power of healing begins when you put pen to paper.

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Mind Write Therapeutics Program

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