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Experience Change with
Inner Write Healing

Take that first step towards the future where everything you never thought was possible became possible.  With your written words you have the creative 

power to heal, change and direct the reflection of thoughts, connecting

the mind, body, and spirit into "your beautiful new beginning."


    Kimberly Gordon-Garcia

 Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

 Internationally Licensed Forensic Handwriting  Expert & Practitioner 

Published Author and a Keynote Speaker    


Neuro-Grapho-Therapeutics (NGT)

NGT  is evidence-based and combines the science of handwriting analysis with the act of handwriting to reprogram the brain's neurological connections which, in turn, adjusts one's personality.


       Sometimes the wrong                           'Choices"

              Bring us to the

        Right Places.....

Inner Write Healing
healing the hurt inside


I love helping my clients write a new future.

Turning each page to a new beginning and deleting the pages from the past.  

I look forward to writing a new chapter with you.


What if, the smallest step

in the right direction

ends up being the biggest

step of your life.

Tiptoe if you must, 

but take the step.

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